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    Copyright and Citing


    The data you can access is the result of the work of thousands:

    • Collectors (Scientific and Amateur)
    • Curators and Collection Managers who maintain these heritage collections
    • Years' worth of data input
      Remember: GIS (Latitude and Longitude) measurements have only recently been added to label data so the GIS data for thousands of labels had to be acquired.
    • Numerous checks of the data to ensure its accuracy
    • Computer boffins to write to programs to develop the web interface
    • Photographers (Professional and Amateur)
    • Sightings and papers produced by hundreds of amateurs and professionals to determine the life histories, symbiotic relationships, venom toxicities etc.

    And lots more to boot!

    Despite the cast of thousands, some specific acknowledgments of major sources of the data (label, photographic & mapping) and programming should be made:


    • Museum Victoria
    • David Crosby
    • Dunn & Dunn National Database of Australian Butterflies
    • Peter Marriott
    • NRE - Department of Natural Resources and Environment Victorian Wildlife Atlas
    • Brad Dale & Andrew Corrick, NRE
    • Museum Victoria Mammal Department
    • Joan Dixon, Lina Frigo, Linda Huxley, Museum Victoria
    • Parks Victoria - Phillip Pegler
    • Peter Menkhorst, NRE

    Photography and Maps

    • Mike and Pat Coupar
    • Ross Field
    • Ian Endersby
    • Arthur Farnworth
    • Peter Rawlinson (Overlay Maps from: Amphibians and Reptiles of Victoria Victorian Year Book No. 85, 1971)

    Database Product and Programming Support

    • Texpress by KE Software Pty Ltd
    • Dominic Marshall & John Doolan, KE Software Pty Ltd
    • David Zhang & Forbes Hawkins, Museum Victoria
    • Jonathan Luker, Museum Victoria

    Concept and Development

    • Ken Walker
    © Museum Victoria Australia