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    Posters and books about Victoria's animals, plants, parks, forests and ecosystems are available from the Department of Sustainability and Environment,

    The CSIRO publishes a wide range of books and multimedia resourses describing Australia's fauna (catalogue ) and online information about insects in Australia

    The Gould League produces a wide range of online resources, books and posters on Australian animals and biodiversity for students of all levels,

    CD-ROMs describing Victoria's plants and animals are available from Viridans Biological Databases Titles covering many Australian animal groups, including Birds of Australia, Mammals of Australia and Reptiles of Australia, are available from Dataworks, New Horizons and other suppliers.

    The Royal Melbourne Zoo has fact sheets on Butterfly Gardening: Telephone 9285 9355.

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    Butterflies and other terrestrial arthropods

    About Insects, Australia's CSIRO Entomology information portal

    Bugs, Insects, Arachnids, Myriapods and terrestrial Crustaceans in Australia

    Flying Colours - observing Victorian Butterflies:

    Australian butterfly publications list:

    La Trobe University’s Melbourne Wildlife Sanctuary:


    Amphibian Research Centre/Victorian Frog Group:

    Frogs from the Queensland Museum:

    La Trobe University’s Melbourne Wildlife Sanctuary:


    La Trobe University’s Melbourne Wildlife Sanctuary:

    Reptiles of Australia:

    Victorian Herpetological Society:

    University of Sydney/Snake Bites:

    Australian Reptile Park:


    La Trobe University’s Melbourne Wildlife Sanctuary:

    Reptiles of Australia:

    Victorian Herpetological Society:


    Healesville Sanctuary Animal Search:

    Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary (animal information sheets):

    Wildlife Australia: Classification of Marsupials:

    ABC Oceans Alive:

    Whales from


    Your online gateway to Victoria's Environment.

    Community Biodiversity Network:

    The Biodiversity Centre:

    Environment Australia Online:

    The Nature Conservation Council of NSW:

    The Australian Museum's biodiversity exhibition:

    Endangered Species

    Victorian Department of Natural Resources and Environment:

    Environment Australia:

    National Parks

    Victorian National Parks Association:

    NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service Children's Corner:

    Environmental Education

    Victorian Association for Environmental Education:

    Gould League:

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