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Huntsman Spider
  Holconia immanis
  Family: Sparassidea  ID: Hogg, 1903
Huntsman Spider
Huntsman Spider
Huntsman Spider
Huntsman Spider
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Habitat and Biology
This huntsman is the one most commonly found in houses, where it hunts at night on walls and ceilings. It also occasionally enters the cabins of vehicles, causing much alarm. In the bush Holconia can be found sheltering during the day beneath the loose bark of eucalypts. It is a large species and, when alarmed, is capable of moving very rapidly often in a sideways direction. Food consists of insects and other invertebrates. The egg sac is flat, oval and constructed of white papery silk. It is most commonly deposited beneath the bark of trees. Lifespan of the species is about two years.

Male: Similar to female.
Female: Brown to grey with several pairs of darker spots on upperside of abdomen, sometimes with dark bands on legs.

Body very flattened with long, rather forwardly directed legs. The first two pairs of legs are longer than the second two pairs.

Body Length
Male: 25mm
Female: 40mm

Web type
Does not build a web.

This is a timid spider and bites are infrequent. Symptoms are minor, including local pain and swelling.

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