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What is this spider word?

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Hint: All the words in the game are spider names, spider body parts or part of spider biology. Some are multi-word spider names. All the words can be found on this site.
The asterisks (*) represent the letters of the word you have to guess. The number of asterisks is equal to the number of letters in the word. To guess which letters might be used in the word, type a letter in the box then select 'Guess'. You have nine chances to guess all the letters.

If the letter you guess is in the word, it will replace an asterisk. For example, if the hidden word was 'spider', you'll first see ' * * * * * * ' then if you guess 'p', the display will change to: " * p * * * * ".

If you chose a wrong letter, the number of guesses left decreases by 1, and a section is added to the drawing on the right.

To start again, select 'New Game' and another word is yours for the guessing.

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